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The resort is an office for some.

25 Nov


Sucker for polka dots. Yes, I am.

22 Nov

 I love black. I adore gold. I’m a sucker for polka dots! I don’t know why but dots take me to another place, a happy, exciting, wonderful place.

Suit yourself

22 Nov

Here comes the parties…

20 Nov



Prom Night. Christmas Dinner. Graduation Party. Birthday Celebration. Valentine’s Day. New Year’s Eve Dinner.

Our lives are filled with days to celebrate. Why shouldn’t our closets be filled with beautiful clothes fit for these occasions?

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Dishes served in red and gray – restaurant uniform

18 Nov

Cafe au lait – coffee shop uniform

18 Nov

If you are planning to open a cafe and is thinking of what to have for your staff to wear, think “remarkable!” There are so many coffee shops out there already. You just have to present yourself in a way that people don’t forget. You don’t have to stick to the regular T-shirt and a pair of pants. Coffee is best served fresh after all.

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Seeing Spots

18 Nov

 One of the qualities of an OLIVERIO woman (as if, there is one hehehe) in the event an O-ff-the-Rack line will be produced is being extrovert or certainly recognizable.