Francis Oliverio.

A designer from Cebu City, the Philippines.

Fashion is always a statement, whether you are consciously thinking about it or not. It means that fashion represents a person’s state of mind and state of being. Clothes are great tools, so we can think, say and do what we need and want to think, say and do in the best way possible.

Don’t put on a piece of clothing because you need to cover your body. Do so because you want to reveal yourself. Don’t carry a bag because you need to take things with you. Do so because you want to leave behind what doesn’t matter. Don’t wear a pair of shoes because you need to walk. Do so because you want to fly.


Mobile: 63 906 368 1481

Telephone: 63 32 268 9683

Email: punkyoliverio@yahoo.com

Facebook: Francis Punky Oliverio (punkyoliverio@gmail.com)

Office J. Llorente St., Cebu City, 6000, Philippines

Google Map Link:



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